BYOI Pricing

Monogram Pricing for Bringing your own items to us.* Price shown is starting price per unit/each/item. Sales tax will be additional.
Prices can vary depending on item.  This is a general reference list
Monogramming – thread process: Monogramming Style example is Ella Rose Briggens

Single Letter:  example used in B for Briggens                                                                                                     

  • 3″  (standard size) hand towels, backpacks, pillowcase edge, bag and bag edge, most baby apparel, bibs etc.:  $7.50 
  • 4″-5″ bath towels, bath sheets, bathrobes, baby blankets, shower wraps, beach towels, blankets: $9.00 
  • 6″  throw pillows, some blankets (must request this size): $12.00
  • 8″ pillow shams, table runners (must request this size): $15.00

Two Letter: example used is EB – Ella Briggens     

  • Up to 2″ (standard size) washcloths, napkins, fingertip towels, golf towels, turtle necks: $8.00
  • 3″ hand towels, backpacks, pillowcase edge, shower wraps, robes: $9.00
  • 4″-5″ Bath towels, beach towels, blankets (must request this size): $10.00
  • 6″ throw pillows(must request this size): $13.00
  • 8″ pillow shams, table runners (must request this size) $17.00

Three Letter: eBr or EBR

  • Up to 3″ (standard) hand towels, golf towels, napkins, baby apparel, blankets, shower wraps, backpacks. Most left chest monograms, Christmas stockings: $11.00
  • Up to 4″ bath towels, adult blankets, left hip monograms, monogram with frame (circle, diamond, square) (must request this size): $13.00
  • 4-6″ monogram on toss pillows, table runners, special items(must request this size): $17.00  
  • 7″ monogram on pillow covers, table runners (must request this size): $20.00
  •  8″ monogram on shams, other special items (must request this size): $25.00                                                                                          

Name: Ella (up to 12 characters including spaces.  4 letter monograms are considered a name)

  • up to 2.4″ monogram (standard) backpack, bag edge, lovee (baby items), lunch sacks, Christmas Stockings: $13.00
  • 3″ name and other sizes: STARTS at: $15.00  Ask for quote for name larger than 3″
  • name/ date combo:   ie Ella -7/29/21:   $14.00

Full Name: Ella Rose Briggens (up to 18 characters)

  • Up to 2″ monogram(Standard) baby blankets, adult blankets, backpacks: $14.00
  • name/date combo usually stacked: Ella Rose Briggens  07/29/21: $16.00

Embroidery Custom (not monogram – custom work such as logo, design, branding)  

  • Digitizing of a design (getting image, icon, drawing, logo into stitch file for left chest or cap) starts at:  $50.00
  • Digitizing jacket back starts at: $100.00
  • Logo editing (each time): $15.00
  • Logo stitched on your item (after proper digitizing): $15.00

Embroidery applique designs on your provided items (ask for ideas or send pic of example)

  • Design only up to 7 segments or colors: $13.00
  • Design up to 7 segments and name: $15.00
  • Special/Custom requests start at:$15.00

Decals – Outdoor Sign Vinyl

Decal is created from high quality industrial strength outdoor sign vinyl.

Decals have NO background.  Sizes are suggested sizes only.  You apply or we apply.  Prices per unit. Sales tax additional. 

Single initial, 2 letter or 3 Initial Decal Monogram

Up to 2″ high – ie. stemware, glassware, acrylic, etc: $5.00

3″ high – ie. applied to car windows, laptops, etc: $9.00

5″-8″ high – ie. not applied by MTAM, etc: $13.00

8″-12″ high – ie not applied by MTAM, starts at $20.00+higher

HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) Personalization on your items

It is up to the discretion of Monogram This and More staff to determine if HTV process will be available on your item.  

HTV personalization with single letters, 3 letter personalization or a name is perfect for embellishing apparel, bags, totes, quilts or any iron safe fabric that contains cotton, polyester or a cotton/poly blend.  Fabrics that will not take HTV personalization is nylon, rayon, or silk.  Prices will vary.  Ask for a quote.  Most popular item is name on back of jersey.  Price for one side is $7.00+tax, double sided is $12.00+tax.  2″ tall name and 6″ number on back of shirt is $12.00+tax.