Bring Your Own Items BYOI

What is BYOI?

BYOI is Bring Your Own Items for monogramming or personalization. Some items, however, are not conducive to our services/processes.

Most items such as towels, bags, some apparel, tumblers, blankets, lunch bags, Christmas stockings and more can be brought to us for monogramming. Not sure if we can monogram or personalize your item? Email us at or text a pic to 615-807-0598 and ask!

Our Process:  LOCAL to Franklin/Nashville area


1. Order Form: Jot down the following info on a sheet of paper OR click here for the order form.

Name:_____________________________ Incoming Date: _________________

Email: _________________________________(Invoice will be emailed here.  PLEASE print clearly and check for invoice)

Date Needed by: ______________

Phone:_________________________Can I text you at this number?______If not please provide: _________________

Item Description: __________________________________

Are you doing a name? 3 letter Monogram? or a single initial? Please print clearly.

Name on item:______________________ OR Initials:(first, LAST, middle)_____ _____ _____ OR single initial: _____

Font name:________________________ Thread Color:____________________ 

Placement or location of decoration on item. Draw a diagram or pic if needed.

Click on the underlined words for selections:

Embroidery Fonts

Thread Chart

Personalization decal fonts

Decal Color Chart

HTV Color Chart


Drop your bag of items off including the completed order form or note at your convenience in the bin located at 1604 Flanders Ct. in McKays Mill subdivision in Franklin, TN 37067.

Unfortunately we are not handicapped accessible, so if you need assistance please let us know.


We retrieve the bag(s) shortly after drop off,  review it and get it into production.

Turnaround time varies depending on orders, but average is 4-5 business days. We are a one-two person business.  During peak times such as graduation-May and holidays-November and December production time WILL be longer.


An invoice will be emailed and can be paid in these ways: credit card (visa/mastercard/American express) from emailed invoice; or venmo at @monogramthis (look for our logo).

5. PICK UP: 

Upon payment of the emailed invoice your order will be in one of the bins (same address as drop off bin) in a bag with your name on it. At your convenience, come on over and pick it up!   Items are removed at 10PM daily and placed back in the bin the following day by 8AM.

Ship to Us:

Our Ship to us MONOGRAM service is available for items to be monogrammed using a stitch process. If you have an item, you are not sure of – email us at or text a pic to 615-807-0598 and ask.

Services: We offer several types of monogramming and personalization. Please review the explanations below to help you identify our services.

  • Items titled MONOGRAMMED or EMBROIDERY will be a thread stitch process. Monogramming includes single initial, 3 letter initials or Name.
  • Items titled CUSTOM EMBROIDERY will be a thread stitch process. This includes logos, small designs, icons, etc.
  • Items titled PERSONALIZATION will be a heat press/transfer process.
  • Items titled DECALS will be a sign vinyl/sticker process.
  • Items titled GLITTER will be a glitter heat transfer vinyl process.
  • Items titled DIGITAL PRINTING will be either screen printed transfer, direct to film or sublimated process.